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$mart Change

Spare the change to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need help.

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$mart Change 

$mart Change is an elective program that funds the Satilla REMC Foundation. In this program,  Satilla Members choose to round up their monthly electrical bills to the next even dollar amount.  Members' contributions are then given to the Satilla REMC Foundation.

The Satilla REMC Foundation assists educational organizations such as schools, colleges and technical institutes that add value to the educational process.

Average contributions are only about $6 per year, and never exceed 99 cents in a single month. Individually, the amount contributed to $mart Change may not seem significant, but this change can go a long way in making a difference within our community. 

$mart Change changes lives forever.

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Who We Are

In 1937, individuals in several counties in Southeast Georgia partnered together to take part in the new rural electricity movement.  Through their cooperation, these leaders created The Satilla Rural Electric Membership Corporation, a not-for-profit electric membership cooperative.  Since its inception, Satilla REMC has grown to meet the needs of its nine-county service area.  The Board of Directors and employees of Satilla REMC are reminded of the founding partnerships with people in local communities as they constantly strive to meet the ever-changing needs of its current partners and members.

Overall, in Georgia, the 42 electric membership cooperatives serve 3.7 million residents and over 75,000 commercial and industrial customers.  As a result of more than six decades of dedicated effort to improve the quality of life in rural America, many electric co-ops enjoy a value to their communities that goes beyond their ability to simply provide reliable light and heat.  Communities depend on them for their economic development initiatives, their civic leadership, and their commitment to local job creation.